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A sustainable future is not only necessary – it’s possible.

We are all part of one great living system. We are all interconnected. Aboca was founded to nurture this balance, by looking to nature for the answers to people’s needs, while respecting the human body and the environment. .

Nature has always guided and inspired our way of doing business. By considering the company itself as a living system, we have been able to focus on the concepts of value and community, to look beyond profit and continue striving for the common good. At a time when the word “sustainability” risks being trivialised, it has become essential to plan for a future based on truly sustainable models and activities, as we become increasingly aware that the individual good cannot be separated from the common good.

Over the last 40 years, Aboca has proved that a sustainable future is possible.

A new way of doing business now has a new name, the Benefit Corporation.

Aboca is a Benefit Corporation. This is a new legal form of company that formalises our ongoing commitment to the pursuit of the Common Good in our statute.

Being a Benefit Corporation means making a formal commitment to operate in a responsible and transparent manner, with the aim of having a positive impact on society and the environment, as well as making a profit.

We have added six specific public benefit goals to our statute. These are concrete areas of action in which we are committed to generating a measurable positive impact.

52 million natural health products sold that respect the body and the environment.

49,000 healthcare professionals involved in training activities on advanced natural medicine.

200,000 people have attended our free outreach events.

7 million euros invested in research
110 in-house researchers involved

115 research projects
33 in product development
82 in general research

A partnership with the independent company Natural Biomedicine, to scientifically study the interaction between humans and nature at a molecular level.

A vertically integrated supply chain, from farming to finished product.

Our factory 4.0 is specialised in the management of natural substances, in order to obtain 100% natural and biodegradable finished products of pharmaceutical quality.

All our packing is from suppliers who use FSC-certified paper, the certification promoting sustainable forest management.

We are the first company to be awarded 100/100 in the Biodiversity Alliance certification, which guarantees the biological quality of our soil and the preservation of its biodiversity.

Over 1,700 hectares of farmland

100% of land farmed organically

7.2 million litres of water saved per year, thanks to a new process for cleaning machinery used in the production stage

100% of the electricity used on our premises comes from renewable sources. With a saving of 15,000 tonnes of CO2.

1 million kWh produced by our own solar power systems

The Aboca Museum: a journey through history dedicated to herbs and health over the centuries. The Aboca Experience is a new interactive journey that encourages reflection on scientific innovation, human health and environmental sustainability.

2.6 million people watched our Aboca Talks, online talks that explore in depth the relationship between humankind and nature.

204 books published by Aboca Edizioni on topics of health, the common good and sustainability.

80 new hires

190,000 hours of training provided to 900 employees

Gender ratio: 39% female, 61% male

3 company canteens serving organic and zero km food