We have been investing in the study of medicinal plants for human health since 1978, with the conviction that nature can provide sustainable solutions to human health issues.

Sustainability that not only respects the human body, but also the land and nature.

With a unique integrated system, that spans cultivation and phytochemical and biological research, we are revolutionising the vision of natural substances as an advanced element in the science of health.

Our products based on molecular complexes are supported by scientific and clinical evidence and are developed through continual research and the use of the latest technologies in order to create a scientifically advanced natural product that is extremely effective and safe.

Thanks to the work of over 1,200 people, through a completely vertical production chain:

WE CARRY OUT RESEARCH in order to find the best molecular complexes for different pathologies, thanks to the work of our researchers and the collaboration of the most prestigious universities around the world;

WE CULTIVATE directly 1,400 hectares of land in Tuscany and Umbria using organic farming methods;

WE PRODUCE 100% natural and organic products, primarily Medical Devices and food supplements, to satisfy over 60 health needs;

WE DISTRIBUTE our products to Pharmacies and other professional channels in Italy and in 13 other countries around the world;

WE TRAIN Physicians, Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in order to provide competent recommendations through meetings and seminars;

WE INFORM AND COMMUNICATE WITH the public at large providing information on culture, science and lifestyle through traditional media outlets, events and shows.


Through Aboca Museum, located in Sansepolcro in Tuscany, we showcase the region and promote the rediscovery of centuries-old historic knowledge linked to the use of natural substances.

This is also made possible through the Study Centre, which is active in historic research and through exhibitions, conventions and editorial events aimed also at presenting publications edited by “Aboca edizioni”.

Our name and geographic location already indicate what we do; in fact, according to the etymology, the term Aboca comes from “Abiga”, an ancient name from the Tuscan dialect for Ground pine, a medicinal plant with purifying properties used in antiquity.
The name comes from the place where the company was first established and where it still has its main headquarters, indeed Aboca, located in the Tuscan hills in an area dedicated to the production of officinal plants from as early as the 13th century.