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We develop


We look after people’s health with innovative 100% natural products, capable of providing answers for human health both in the area of homeostasis and therapeutic treatment.

There are two innovative keys to our development process:

Concept innovation

We reinterpret the pathophysiological mechanisms through an approach that not only addresses the symptoms, but also looks at the causes, considering the body as a whole.

Product innovation

We identify natural molecular complexes capable of interacting with the body effectively and with a positive risk/benefit ratio.


product lines


pharmaceutical forms


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The Aboca product complexity map (package image)

Many Aboca products feature a SOM map (Self-Organising Map). The map shows the wealth of substances naturally present within our 100% natural products, with each coloured cell representing a family of substances. The SOM describes the complexity of a product’s composition, which is the basis of its efficacy and safety. These maps are made possible by combining product composition analysis with computer processing.

The homeostasis model

This model shows how it is possible and necessary to consider the safeguarding of our health as a way to support the body’s normal abilities and its internal equilibrium, and not only as a drastic corrective measure – using drugs – to treat lost or impaired functions.