All work in the company, in every area or specific department, is carried out with the common goal of making sure that today's actions do not compromise the health of the environment or that of future generations.
In concrete terms, Aboca's sustainable actions are based on its founding choices:

  • farming with   organic methods, not using synthetic polluting  substances, ensuring the preservation of the agricultural and food production nature of the areas involved;
  • following an entirely verticalized production cycle, from seed to product, fed by over 30% by photovoltaic panel  renewable energy, with care being paid  never to use synthetic substances;
  • using recyclable material, such as paper and glass to package products, and biocartene as packaging material;
  • using FSC certified paper for information material at sales points.

The great attention the company pays to the environment appears in everyday actions and choices: drinking water only in glass bottles, paper cups and wooden spoons instead of the usual plastic, remote training with e-learning platforms in order to avoid the impact of travel, selecting many local suppliers as an incentive towards making the production chain as local as possible.

With the notarial deed of 24th August 2018, Aboca changes its articles of association and becomes a Benefit Corporation...
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