The name of Aboca and its geographical location are already evidence of a specific vocation.
Etymology says that the term Aboca comes from  “Abiga”, the ancient name in the Tuscan dialect of the ground pine, a medicinal herb with purifying properties, used in past times.
The name comes from the place where the company was started and where the main offices still are: Aboca is immersed in the Tuscan hills, in an area which in the 13th century was already dedicated to producing medicinal herbs.

A worldview based on awareness of the close bond between human and environmental health drives Aboca towards seeking for health today without compromising health tomorrow. Human beings and plants have always lived in close relation, co-evolving while developing complex systems influenced by the same context, and this is why medicinal herbs today are the ideal remedy for man's health and well being needs.

Nature and health are the foundation of a constantly evolving quest for growth  which makes Aboca the precursor, the leader in Italy and an international benchmark for medicinal herb-based products for health care and well being.

Today, like 40 years ago, the focus is still on research and innovation in order to develop products able to make use of the properties of complex natural matrices, in order to respond to health care needs both homeostatic and pathological, always with full respect for people and the environment, while creating awareness of the present and future advantages of such an approach.


Company Id Card
Number of employees 1.100
mq of production plants 60.000
hectares of farmed surface 1.400
number of species farmed 77
number of countries where Aboca is sold 14
number of patents 32
number of articles produced per year 3.000
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