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Natural and biodegradable products for people's health that respect the human body and the environment

Agriculture that regenerates the Planet.

Our farming methods respect natural rhythms and resources.
In this way, they promote biodiversity and natural soil regeneration.
  Because a living soil is a fertile soil.
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Innovation is circular.  

Innovation, technology and circularity.
This is our Factory 4.0, specialised in processing natural substances without the use of artificial ingredients.
Because doing business means looking to the future.
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Natural formulas, scientific evidence.

Research as a tool that advances knowledge on natural substances for our health.
We are the first company making natural and biodegradable products that consistently invests in scientific evidence.
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More life for the Earth.

Micro-organisms, insects, small animals, plants.
Every day, we work hard to protect the biodiversity around us and help it to flourish.
This is essential in maintaining the balance of the entire ecosystem.
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One planet, one health.

The food we eat, the air we breathe and the earth we tread; they are closely linked to our lives today and tomorrow.
Our health depends on the health of the Planet.
That’s why we are working to preserve it.  
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Nature has it all. It is only a matter of finding it, combining it in the right way, processing it and preserving it, using all our knowledge of the past and present, for a new balance between man and nature which is beneficial for both.

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Our commitment in generating a positive impact on people and environment is made legal by the Aboca’s articles of incorporation and it is measured and evaluated by international standards with the B Corp Certification. With our annual Impact Report we show the results of this commitment and we set the objectives for the next years.

Scientific Evidence.

How do natural substances work? How can they benefit our health? Nowadays, we are able to comprehensively answer these questions on the basis of scientific evidence. At Aboca, we have always believed in research as a means of advancing our understanding of natural substances for human health and we collaborate with numerous research centres, universities and hospitals both nationally and internationally, to study the action of our products, their effectiveness and safety.

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