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"A seminar la buona pianta" 2013

"A seminar la buona pianta" is an italian festival about medicinal herbs and the relationship between Man and Nature, with walking to searching medicinal plants.

Aboca at Cosmofarma 2013

Aboca at Cosmofarma 2013, the leading event of the pharmaceutical sector, presents the international highest level industries and novelties. View the photogallery

Hortus Franciscus de Geest

Hortus Franciscus de Geest preserved at the Biblioteca Nazionale di Roma (Varia 291)...

Italian liqueurs. History and art of a creation

It is a book for those wishing to explore and learn about the pharmaceutical, medical and cultural history of liqueurs through the centuries and, at the same time, take a look at the past culture of liqueur composition in the various regions of Italy.

Italian Liqueurs