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Aboca named on of Tuscany's top companies by Banca CR Firenze

Product and process innovation, internationalisation, sustainability and promotion of the Made in Italy brand: these are the winning traits that secured Aboca the award for “Promoting excellence to sustain growth”, promoted by Banca CR Firenze and the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. The award, dedicated to companies which despite the difficult economic situation have been able to grow and create value thanks to strategies implemented during the crisis, was a special plaque presented as a tangible expression of the entrepreneurial value shown by the region.

The Aboca Medical-Scientific information project kicks off in Spain

Given Aboca’s success in Spain, the Spanish corporate strategy is being strengthened with a scientific information project targeting doctors, in particular family practitioners and paediatricians. The aim is to provide knowledge for the medical profession, guiding them toward the use of natural molecular complexes in everyday clinical practice. During the first months, the project will provide doctors with scientific information on three main products: syrup for cough, tablets for acidity and reflux, and microenema for constipation, all made from plant-based molecular complexes.

Aboca Takes Part in World Retail Congress in Dubai, 12-14 April

The Aboca Group was selected to take part in the tenth edition of the World Retail Congress in Dubai. This international event founded in 2007 offers the world's most influential managers and businesspeople an opportunity to come together and discuss the most significant trends in the various retail sectors. Over the years, the congress has brought together thousands of prestigious speakers, representing economic, political, financial and NGO sectors. The event was a truly important meeting of leaders in terms of development and innovation of the world of sales.

Aboca is awarded for it's innovation by the Spanish press for the third consecutive year.

After winning prizes for the medical devices Melilax (2014) and NeoBianacid (2015), Aboca wins the Las mejores iniciativas en la farmacia (“Best Pharmacy Initiatives”) awarded again in the Investigación, Farmacologia y Productos (“Research, Pharmacology and Products”) category with the medical device NeoFitoroid.

Aboca ranked amongst the best Italian companies by the European Business Awards

  The European Business Awards (EBA) project, born in 2007, is the most extensive and important European program to recognise and reward excellence, best practice, innovation and ethical commitment in companies within the European Union.

8° MS-Pharmaday: Complex substances for Botanical Drugs, Medical Devices, Medical Foods

Aboca, in collaboration with the Division of Mass Spectrometry of the Italian Chemical Society is organising the 8th MS-Pharmaday scientific conference on “Complex substances for Botanical Drugs, Medical Devices, Medical Foods“, which will take place in Sansepolcro between 11 and 13 June 2014.


Coughing is one of the most common symptoms observed in winter, and frequently draws people to their physician or pharmacist.Clinically, it is a reflex our body uses to remove excessive secretion or mucus produced by the airways as a response to stimuli of different origins.

Winter: scarves, hats… and more!

Autumn is here and winter is about to arrive. Wool and down fill our wardrobes, children are back to school, physical activity is confined to gyms, we spend more time indoors and our moods prepare to welcome the holiday season which is knocking on our doors.