Melilax Pediatric

Micro-enema with Promelaxin

Melilax Pediatric was developed for use in treatment of constipation in children and infants, even when accompanied by intestinal hypersensitivity (as in irritable bowel syndrome), anal fissures, and/or haemorrhoids.

This product clears the bowels and reduces the irritation and inflammation that accompany constipation.


Melilax Pediatric combines an evacuative action and a protective and soothing action on the rectal mucosa.

The dual action of Melilax is achieved thanks to PROMELAXIN, an active complex of nectar and honeydew honeys, selected for their content in monosaccharides, polysaccharides, and melanoidins and processed to preserve the active principles, enriched with polysaccharide fractions from Aloe and Malva.

Melilax Pediatric exerts a non-irritating, evacuative action and therefore provides a stimulus to activate defecation.

Moreover, thanks to its mucus-like properties and its viscosity, Melilax Pediatric protects the rectal mucosa during stool passage. These properties, in combination with the antioxidant action of the ingredients, enable the product to protect and soothe the mucosa. Directions: See information leaflet inside.


See information leaflet inside. Warnings: do not use in the event of hypersensitivity or allergy to one or more ingredients. Seek medical advice if constipation persists, in order to exclude other medical conditions.

The micro-enemas are intended for single use. Do not reuse even when half-doses are administered; for example, to infants.

Carefully read the package insert and instructions for use

6 x 5-g single-dose micro-enemas for infants and children

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