A methodical study of historic texts in order to track down ancient remedies for various still existing health problems. Getting to know the history of Phytotherapy is fundamental in order to understand its principles and useful for grasping the fascinating relation uniting man to the vegetable world.

The core of Aboca’s Historical Research is in the offices of the Aboca Museum. Aboca’s Study Centre, with its researchers and experts, is constantly engaged in rediscovering the immense cultural heritage of the world of herbs, making use of the rich capital of books housed in the Bibliotheca Antiqua, a treasure chest of about 1000 printed volumes, published between the 16th and eary 20th centuries, all devoted to the therapeutic value of plants.

Aboca’s Study Centre has introduced important developments in historical research, for example by digitalizing the pages of ancient books and placing their contents in databases which make it easy to find information by seeking keywords. Also, through an important publishing activity, Aboca Museum preserves and makes this immense heritage known and available to today’s Phytotherapy. Each product is born from this union between historical-bibliographical research and Scientific Research.

Our research