Advanced Natural

The Advanced Natural Approach

The Advanced Natural Approach

The scientific platforms we have developed over more than 40 years of business allow us now to study natural products without reducing the complexity of the study to individual active ingredients, making it possible to identify all of the categories of substances contained in the product (what it contains) and their biological effect (how they act).

This is the Advanced Natural approach that is made possible by our integrated system and is unique on the global marketplace. It begins with cultivation and continues right through to the phytochemical and biological research that takes place in our laboratories.


WHAT IT CONTAINS: study of 100% of the composition of the product through phytochemical research

In addition to the titration of the individual active ingredients, we have introduced the Self Organizing Map – SOM or rather the description of the various substances contained in the product, which together determine its effectiveness and safety.

All of this is made possible by the use of advanced metabolomic techniques, which make it possible to characterise and quantify the substances contained in the product, and data processing techniques which make it possible to organise and view the data on SOM maps.


HOW THEY ACT: study of their biological effects

From the Self Organizing Map of the product, through molecular biology studies on cellular models, we have measured the biological effects of the various fractions that make up the product.

This gives us a systemic vision of the biological activity of our products on the primary physical-pathological mechanisms.

Our innovative approach to the complexity of natural substances is a new frontier, both compared with isolated substances obtained artificially and non-advanced natural substances.