We research

We research

We research

To us, research is a value, an ideal that guides us towards the new through nature. For health, culture and the environment.
We research

Our innovative capacity is the result of on-going investment in various areas of research that complement each other. Our researchers work in close collaboration with universities and research institutes, with the aim of finding the best molecular complexes for different health needs.

The Research and Development unit has obtained 32 national and international patents, achieving substantial innovations that have been – and continue to be – trailblazers for the use of natural molecular complexes in the pharmaceutical sector.

Here with us, research means discovery, knowledge, and study. What at first seemed impossible has successfully materialized thanks to research, ranging from the freeze-dried multi-fractioned extract and various patents to
the development of medical devices and the application of the new “-omic” platforms (genomics, nutrigenomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics) to medicinal herbs.

Studies that help one understand and manage the complexity of multiple combinations of natural
substances and their action in the body. We invest in research before the development of a product and we continue to do so post-marketing, to validate its efficacy and safety.

The constant study of natural molecular complexes, scientifically developed and technologically advanced, allows us to improve the lives of people with safe and effective products.

200 Database available online via STN (Scientific and Technical Information Network)

22 Clinical Studies

37 Observational studies

1042 Medicinal species found in the experimental botanical garden

38 Recognition methods

15 Proprietary production technologies

7 Proprietary extraction technologies

53 Metabolomic methods

72 Phytocomplexes analyzed at 100% of the composition

85 Analytical methods

330 New extracts

1124 New fractions

40 Research centers for national and international collaborations

42 Research areas

28 Cellular and molecular biology projects

1200 Printed volumes dated 15th-20th centuries Dedicated to the therapeutic value of plants

31064 Digitized and stored old medical recipes

10375 Digitized botanical sheets