Product Manufacturing

Product Manufacturing

Product Manufacturing

Aboca products come in a vast array of presentations. The production plant has innovative machinery, generally of pharmaceutical grade, and works at every stage to ensure top quality and reproducibility of the production processes, always under constant monitoring by the Quality Area.

Herbal teas

Our herbal teas, produced by infusion, are obtained either using only one drug, or blending several drugs in a single semi-processed product, possibly adding freeze-dried extracts and essential oils.  The uniform mix, obtained by means of a specific mixer, is packaged in a typical herbal tea package by an automated machine patented by Aboca, which turns the loose mix directly into a complete box of filters without  using metal clips or glue to seal the bag. Each filter bag is made using a patented “knot” closure system; in order to preserve the best sensory features and the properties of the herbs, each filter is packaged in an aroma seal bag.

Oral Fluids

Fluids are prepared day by day, using technologically advanced installations (dissolvers, turbo emulsifiers, stirrers, etc.). Each preparation has a set production cycle, preparation is immediately followed by bottling, which calls for pasteurizing the product through a pasteurizing tunnel where it is brought to a temperature over about 72° C. After staying at this temperature, the product is cooled, labelled and boxed. Aboca fluids feature a combination of all or some of the following kinds of ingredients:  blends of freeze-dried extracts, sugar syrup, honey, concentrated fruit juices. Each formulation has been studied so as to provide a stable and microbiologically safe preparation, without the use of chemical preservatives.


This department produces every tablet format, starting from the blends of granulated powders, with three rotary pressing machines where compression is done progressively by two punches which slide inside the die. When they come out, the tablets are let through a dust remover and a metal detector. Every 30 minutes, during the processing, an operator checks the uniformity of the weight, thickness and hardness of the tablets. At the Quality Control laboratory, the checks are completed by a pharmacopeial weathering test, active principle dosing, etc. In this case too, no inert excipient is used.
Granulation is a process which allows for making tablets without excipients, an exclusive Aboca patent.
Since Aboca believes in the inexhaustible resources of phytocomplexes, Aboca, after years of study, has developed an international patent based on the technique of granulation, on the use of steam and on the fact that freeze-dried extracts and herb powders contain not only active principles, but also many other substances which can carry out the same action as do excipients during the compressing process.

Granule sachets

This department has a bagging machine which doses the granular mix and forms the heat-welded bag starting form a spool of multilayer paper/aluminium/PE with a strong barrier effect.

Powder-filled capsules

This department has 4 gelatin coating machines for filling the capsules. Once the capsules have been filled and snap-fitted, they are ready for putting in bottles or blister pack after proper checks which the operator carries out every 30 minutes: filling of the capsule, no broken capsules, average weight and min/max deviation.

Oil-filled capsules

Oily extracts and vegetable oils are packed in hard gelatin capsules. The gelatin coating machine consists of two units: the first fills and closes the capsules, the second seals the capsule with a film of fluid gelatin which is then dried with hot air. The capsules are laid out on steel trays coated with tissue paper and left to dry for about 4 hours. Then an operator checks sealing before sending them on to packaging. Besides this seal check, weight uniformity is checked every 30 minutes.


Organic Cosmetics and Products for topical application
In a special production unit housed in a cosmetics plant, Aboca produces a line of organic cosmetics and products for external use, such as ointments, gels, shampoos, bubble baths and   mousse.
All of Aboca’s cosmetics are produced to comply with the Regulations on obtaining Organic Cosmetics requiring use of raw materials coming from Organic Agriculture  (EC reg. 834/2007) and use cosmetic ingredients which are natural and/of natural origin, and have maximum dermocompatibility and environmental friendliness.  Scents are provided using pure essential oils and vegetable extracts. Formulations are free of petrochemicals,  parabens, dyes,  PEG, SLS AND SLES.