Professional Channels

Professional Channels

Since the beginning, we have chosen to distribute our products only to those who were really willing to embark on a process of training and growth in the area of natural health in order to be able to offer the best advice to people.
Professional Channels 2

We distribute directly to 27,500 pharmacies and 7,400 points of sale specialized in health.

Our sales network consists of direct one-firm specialized agents, able to assist in the sales management of the products.

In 2000, Apoteca Natura was established to further optimize our distribution. It is the first network specializing in self-medication, prevention and natural products, with over 845 pharmacies in Italy and Spain.

Our network of medical representatives has been operating in Italy since 2007 and in Spain since 2016 with the aim of bringing the medical sector to recognise and take advantage of the potential of natural molecular complexes in daily clinical practice. In Romania, Bulgaria and Portugal it operates through our international distribution network.