We cultivate

We cultivate

We cultivate

We respect nature and protect biodiversity and the environment to obtain natural, pure and safe raw materials.

We directly cultivate over than 80 species of medicinal plants over 1,400 hectares of land in Tuscany and Umbria, using organic farming methods. Organic farming, which is regulated by European standard 834/2007, bans the use of chemical fertilisers and plant protection products as well as GMOs.

The agricultural production cycle begins with the production of the seed and ends with the harvesting-drying of the plant. The direct control of all phases of production makes it possible to obtain very high-quality raw materials, with a high degree of standardisation, guaranteeing, at the same time, the absence of pesticides and pollutants.

The varieties of plants cultivated have been selected based on the cultivation environment. The harvesting of herbs is done during the balmy season, when the plant offers the maximum quali-quanitative value of its phytocomplex.

The cultivation techniques we use preserve the structure and biological balance of the land, and indeed since 2016 our company has been part of the Biodiversity Alliance certification system that demonstrates the high level of biodiversity of the soil.

Medicinal plant species that cannot be cultivated in our environment are sourced through international sector agreements to guarantee the same quality standards.

Experience, research and innovation make us pioneers in a farming system based on the respect of natural resources, the environment and biodiversity.