Right from the start, Aboca felt it was essential to accompany production and marketing with the importance of training, firstly training its direct customers (Pharmacists and Herbalists), but also doctors and consumers.
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The primary goal of Training is to spread a culture of using medicinal herbs. Since Phytotherapy is an allopathic discipline based on the same principles as conventional medicine, pharmacists, herbalist and healthcare professionals in general must have full knowledge of the properties, directions and contraindications of medicinal herbs, to ensure the consumer’s health and well being.

Another fundamental goal of training is to make use of such knowledge in everyday practice: providing in depth information, tools and methods to develop professional advice, integrating – in a scientifically sustainable manner – knowledge of health needs, healthy lifestyles and natural products, whilst also taking into account the possibility of combinations with drugs or other kinds of treatment.

Every year, Aboca meets more than 5000 people, organizing more than 150 courses at the company premises and around Italy, divided by contents into the following areas:

  • Technical-scientific and advice management courses
  • Management courses

Aboca has the same approach with its foreign partners and customers, establishing solid foundations for cooperation through its training, based on workshops concerning specific topics at the company premises.

In recent years, Residential training in the class room has been combined with On line training in order to make educational activities more flexible. The latter provides a suitable tool – in terms of quickness and completeness – for responding to the growing demand for training, while customizing it on the basis of individual demands without burdening the management of the activities at the point of sale during working hours.

This activity began with digitalization of training materials on paper (Training Technical Manual) and the use of advanced communication techniques such as video-conferences and remote training. A proposal has also been made for launching courses offering Ongoing Medical Credits (ECM) for pharmacists, herbalists and paediatricians, and specific systems have been set up to check learning in training courses.

Finally, over the last five years, Aboca’s training activities have also been enriched by the important contribution of Scientific Information for Physicians, through the delivery of specific classroom courses and systematic training with paediatricians, carried out by specialized staff all over Italy.

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