We Communicate

We Communicate

We Communicate

We train and inform to spread culture, science and lifestyle, and to revive the awareness of the link between human health and nature.

Communicating to share values and knowledge, with the aim of spreading our corporate values.

Training to convey the latest scientific findings on the properties of the natural molecular complexes and their
value to health.

Communication in the form of training and dissemination, both scientific and cultural, has always been central to our philosophy.

We train and systematically provide information to the sales team, the professionals who distribute our products and physicians who prescribe them, in Italy and abroad through important business meetings and seminars.

Courses on the company’s premises, online video courses, including genuine tours with which we introduce new scientific evidence and product innovations to the entire audience of health professionals in Italy and Europe.

We also communicate with the general public through classic advertising and the Internet, sales outlet activities, events and shows.

Aboca publishing completes the path of shared values that distinguish us: nature, health, science, history,
ecology, culture and art.