Quality Area

Aboca not only controls Quality – it creates Quality.
For Aboca  “making quality” means making advanced, safe and effective natural or organic products for human health, in an environmentally friendly manner.
The whole production process, from seed to finished product, is designed, carried out and constantly monitored according to cutting edge criteria laid down by internationally recognized Quality Systems.
During the whole production process – from raw materials to laboratories and finished products – the Quality Area staff makes certain that everything is done according to legal standards and supports production in solving daily issues with direct help, supervising the production operations and checking proper application of operating procedures and processing methods.
Quality Control also proceeds outside the company. In fact, Aboca has an after-sales service which is able to provide support for professionals and consumers in case of complaints about issues involving products on sale.
In Aboca, quality accompanies the product right to the sales counter, thanks to ongoing advisory training received by professionals.
In order to improve and develop production and quality control processes, Aboca constantly invests in research projects in order to implement tools and hence guarantee compliance with ever stricter standards. The whole quality system is monitored and works with the goal of ongoing improvement in mind.

Quality Rules

The company has a whole team of skilled staff constantly employed in applying and controlling these rules, internationally coded in the guidelines called GAP, GMP, GLP.

  • G.A.P. - Good Agricultural Practices  – a set of internationally recognized and validated procedures applied to farming in order to guarantee safe raw material. These practices take into account economic, social and environmental sustainability.
  • G.M.P. - Good Manufacturing Practices  – these rules are part of the quality system and concern production and control of ingredients and finished products for food products, medical devices, etc. These instructions outline production, test and control issues which can affect product quality.
    GMP's follow a approach, setting down an overall regulation for production sites and methods, washing and laboratory control. An extremely important component of GMP's is the need to document each aspect of the process, each activity and each operation (from receiving raw materials to controls carried out on them, to production and plant cleaning, etc.).
  • G.L.P. – Good Laboratory Practices  – these principles govern proper performance of laboratory work. Aboca has its own in-house Quality Control laboratory, and can count on specialized external laboratories to check the safety of the product, ascertaining the absence of chemical and microbiological pollutants and compliance with stability ensuring product parameters (pH, water content, viscosity, etc.).
    The in-house laboratory also controls the efficacy of the product establishing the titration of the active principles responsible for the action.

qualitàQuality Certifications

Aboca's Quality System is also constantly checked by external inspection agencies, in compliance with standard international regulations:

  •  ISO CERTIFICATIONS: Aboca's Quality System, based on G.M.P., is certified by ISO standards. These are internationally recognized standards allowing for voluntary certification by external agencies. Once obtained, the certification must be confirmed through routine inspections to make sure the standards are kept to. Aboca has ISO 9001 certification for the quality management system, ISO 13485 for specific quality management system for Medical Devices and ISO 14000 for the environmental management system. 


  • ORGANIC PROCESS AND PRODUCT CERTIFICATION – All the production processes (agricultural and transformation processes) are carried out so as to obtain natural or organic products. Organic products are guaranteed, controlled and certified by CCPB (Organic Product Control Consortium) a control agency recognized by the Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Forest Policies. In detail, Aboca has obtained both Certification as Organic Company, which in compliance with the EC regulation CE 834/2007 certifies  the production chain from the seed to the product, and Product Certification, guaranteeing that the finished product complies with current regulations. Aboca first obtained product certification for dietary supplements and then extended it, by promoting and adhering to private technical policies for production concerning Medical Devices and Cosmetic Products, always under strict CCPB control.


Application of international rules, attention to each process phase, overall control and involvement of the staff, mean that quality in Aboca is the result of a shared commitment.

With the notarial deed of 24th August 2018, Aboca changes its articles of association and becomes a Benefit Corporation...
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