Propol2 EMF Tablets

100% Natural and Effective Oral Cavity and Throat Care

Propol2 EMF is a line of products containing Propolis which aids with the body’s natural defenses and maintains the physiological well being of the oral cavity, especially during the winter season. Its efficacy is based on Propol2EMF, an exclusive multi-fractioned Propolis extract featuring a pleasant taste while ensuring a high standardization of active ingredients.

Propol2 EMF is the result of scientific research conducted by Aboca and is obtained through the processes of extraction and fractioning, which concentrate the two noble fractions of Propolis: Favonoids (Pinocembrine and Galangin) and CAPE (characteristic phenol derivate from Propolis). 

This process eliminates undesirable substances that can cause the formation of solid particles and unattractive dark colored deposits.
Propol2 EMF freeze-dried extract, thanks to the elevated water-solubility of its functional substances, provides for maximum advantages from the beneficial properties of Propolis.

Propol2 EMF Tablets convenient and pleasant tasting, these be taken at any time of the day.

Food supplement