Fisioflor Herbs and live cultures to help balance the microflora of the intestinal tract.

The live lactic cultures present in Fisioflor capsules can assist with proper digestive tract function and help balance the bacterial flora present in the intestine, both of which are essential for the well-being of the digestive system. 

In order to provide maximum effectiveness of the microorganisms present in the products, Fisioflor is formulated with a balanced mix of bacterial cultures which, due to an innovative microencapsulation process, are able to surpass the gastric barrier while maintaining intact the capacity to colonize in the intestine. 

Fisioflor's unique formulation guarantees the presence of 7 different types of cultures for a total of ten billion live cells per capsule. The formulation is further enhanced by the presence of total concentrate Chicory root, with naturally occurring Inulin, that provides a probiotic action which supports the growth and development of bacterial flora.

Food supplement
20 capsules blister pack