Devil’s Claw Bio Cream

Devil’s Claw Bio Cream is an innovative product made with Devil’s Claw root freeze-dried extract that ensures a high concentration of functional substances in synergy with the essential oil from Cajeput providing elasticity and comfort to the affected coutaneous areas.
This product is particularly effective when applied through a prolonged massage.

Products in accordance with the production standard known as "Norm for obtaining Organic Cosmetics" which fix the use of raw material coming from Organic Agriculture (Reg. CE 834/2007) and the use of natural cosmetic ingredients and/ or of natural origin, with the maximum dermocompatibility and environmental respect.
Natural perfume coming from pure essential oils and vegetable extracts.
No petroleum derivatives, parabens, colouring, PEG, SLS, SLES and OGM FREE.

Organic cosmetics