Organic Farming

Aboca has been practicing Organic Farming since 1978, when no models or laws about it existed yet in Europe or in Italy.
Long experience in this field and the great quantity of innovations make Aboca today a European leader in terms of knowledge of medicinal herb farming, using Organic Agriculture techniques.
The farming production cycle, starting with the seed and finishing with harvesting-drying, provides a high quality, select raw material, guaranteed by uniformity and standardization of the cultivation and by the absence of pesticides and pollutants.
Over a surface of about 800 hectares, covering land on the plains and hills between Tuscany, Umbria and Emilia Romagna, Aboca grows about 50 species of medicinal herbs; in case of raw materials which are not compatible with our environment, Aboca closely monitors, follows and certifies outside suppliers.
Each cultivation employs techniques, farming practices and specific machinery, developed by Aboca for different irrigation needs, transplanting period, fertilizer needs, best harvesting time, etc.
Aboca cultivates according to G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices), internationally validated rules applied to farming processes in order to ensure safe raw material. These practices take into account economic, social and environmental sustainability.
All farming and transformation processes are also carried out so as to obtain guaranteed natural and organic products, controlled and certified by CCPB (Organic Product Control Consortium).
The whole production process follows the Organic Agriculture method governed in the European Union by the Regulation CE 834/2007, and is constantly monitored by the Quality Area.

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