Extraction is a key process in which Aboca constantly invests research and resources. In this field, Aboca has precious know-how which allows it to get the most out of the phytocomplex.
The extraction cycle has been defined for each herb, taking into account the features of the drug to be extracted, the active principles to be concentrated, traditional use, etc., so the cycle lays down in an exact fashion the manner of extraction:

  • solvent to be used and its alcohol proof;
  • drug / solvent ratio;
  • temperature;
  • hours of extraction;
  • number of extractions in sequence.

The alcohol used is ethyl alcohol from corn, both organic and conventional. Aboca has always ruled out the use of chemical solvents (hexane, nitrile acid, methylene  chloride, methanol), preferring water and ethanol which, besides being 100% natural, have a very low environmental impact and are completely non toxic. Besides a natural motivation, Aboca believes in using the phytocomplex in phytotherapy and therefore privileges extractions which concentrate the active principles and at the same time ensure the presence of all the substances making up the phytocomplex.

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