Aboca carries out this research mainly in its laboratories, which are equipped with sophisticated instruments such as:

  • HPLC: high performance liquid chromatography;
  • LC-MS ion trap: ion trap liquid phase mass spectrometers;
  • GC-MS: Gas-mass, mass spectrometer coupled with  gas chromatograph.

The techniques used are specific for each kind of component needing quantification, More sophisticated techniques, such as Metabolomica (using LC-MS ion trap) are necessary to obtain a “fingerprint” of the phytocomplex, ideal for routine quality control, including the issue of stability which is especially problematical for plants. Another very important factor linked to the total characterization of phytocomplex is the possibility of correlating plants’ biological activity to particular chemical compounds.

With the notarial deed of 24th August 2018, Aboca changes its articles of association and becomes a Benefit Corporation...
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