Aboca also makes investments in the field of ecology. In recent years, Aboca has organized and promoted the project called INTERNATIONAL LECTURES ON NATURE AND HUMAN ECOLOGY,  a cycle of conferences at the company offices with internationally renowned scientists and scholars, to discuss the complex relationship between man, nature and science, environmental sustainability and the ecological problems of our times. Mention deserves to be made of the meeting with Fritjof Capra, physicist and author of world famous books on the philosophical implications of modern science. The basic text of his literary production is The Tao of Physics, where he shows how physics and metaphysics inevitably lead to the same conclusions. Hence the development of new scientific approaches which have led to the theory of living systems which today lies at the foundations of modern ecology. Capra is founder and director of the Center for Ecoliteracy, based in Berkeley, California.


In terms of concrete applications, here are some of the results of Aboca's ecological research:

  • developing patents for 100% natural formulations, which are better for their users and avoid the negative environmental impact of chemical substances usually employed as excipients and preservatives;
  • choosing technologies that avoid the use of solvents with a high environmental impact and the massive use of energy resources;
  • using ecologically compatible packaging systems instead of polystyrene. Ecochips, maize potato chips, were long used; currently, pads are used made of biocartene, a biodegradable and compostable material based on potatoes.

With the notarial deed of 24th August 2018, Aboca changes its articles of association and becomes a Benefit Corporation...
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