Integrated Research

Research has always steered and guided Aboca's activities.

The exceptional innovative capacity that Aboca boasts today is the result of significant, ongoing investments in different areas of research that integrate and complete each other: Historical Research, Scientific Research (Botany, Phytochemistry, Genetics, Preclinical and Clinical research, Technological-formulation study), and Ecological Research.

All types of Scientific Research are preceded by attentive bibliographical research, a systematic investigation based on appropriate methods aimed at increasing knowledge in a specific sector. Today there are countless sources from which to draw scientific information: it is crucial to find suitable material and know how to interpret it critically.

The ability to assess the authoritativeness and origin of a source of information is as important as being able to identify it. Indeed the principal purpose of bibliographical research is to appraise existing experiences concerning the issue of interest, to assess the results obtained, and take into consideration any mistakes or omissions in previous studies.

Aboca performs all bibliographical research using varied resources:

  • scientific journals: these are the main sources for the publication of scientific research, with the most up to date and in-depth information;
  • books (treatises, textbooks, encyclopaedias, formularies): these deal in a general manner with certain topics, but are always less up to date than the journals;
  • databases: these list publications in line with certain parameters and keywords;
  • websites of scientific associations, organisations and institutions: these can provide useful information tools.


A methodical study of historic texts in order to track down ancient remedies for various still existing health problems.
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Aboca has set up this branch of Scientific Research which is carried out inside the company.
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Aboca carries out this research mainly in its laboratories, which are equipped with sophisticated instruments.

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This kind of Research is mainly used to identify the activity and efficacy of vegetable extracts or their blends, also discovering new possibilities of use.
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Aboca makes use of Clinical Research, that is testing on human beings, in particular when the finished product containing fractions/extracts of phytocomplexes...
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Aboca's Cellular and Molecular Biology Research Laboratory makes it possible to assess how a phytoextract...
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Aboca has always invested in Technological Research.
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Aboca also makes investments in the field of ecology.
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