Aboca Edizioni

Aboca Edizioni priority objective is to spread botanical-medical knowledge.

Aboca Museum has thousands of books preserved in Bibliotheca Antiqua, specialized in the historic theme of Herbs and Health over the Centuries.

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Aboca Edizioni publishes facsimiles and anastatic reprints of valuable ancient works with a limited number of copies, each of which comes with a certificate of guarantee.

These handcrafted works are thought in every details -the stochastic print, the paper chose, the binding and the manual papers fraying- to be as more similar as possible to the original and to evoke ancient emotions.

Particular interest is dedicated to the re-publishing of works written by illustrious figures of the Valtiberina area of Tuscany, reinforcing the tie between the company and its territory.

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This specialist collection of texts on the subject of medical botany illustrates the properties of medicinal plants and the effectiveness of natural remedies.

Aboca Edizioni presents a selection of phytotherapeutic topics described and discussed by a large group of expert scientists (doctors, university teachers, pharmacists, chemists, technicians, members of the pharmaceutical profession, agronomists, etc.) who work for and with the company's research centre.

The goal is to offer the reader an up-to-date perspective of the therapeutic merits of medicinal plants which, though founded on tradition and observation, are now examined by modern scientific methods that ensure the highest level of safety and effectiveness.

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