“Our work involves constant contact with the public, consumers, pharmacists, herbalists, and doctors, and this is definitely a very stimulating aspect. Studying and spreading scientific information and approaches to advice in a personalised and engaging manner, tailoring training courses to specific needs: all this makes our job different every day and provides opportunities for continual professional growth”

Chiara Matteini- Aboca Training Coordinator
Marinella Pescari- Scientific Manager for Aboca Training

“Our lives are on the front line every day, and courtesy and a smile are our trump cards!”
Patrizia Bubboloni, Gessica Fiori, Luana Leonardi – Front Office


“The Aboca Management has its bedrock in nature, where competence and cordiality merge.”
Chiara Cii, Federica Bevignani– Administration Office


“In my job I bring dull numbers to life while keeping constantly up to date with the new accounting regulations.”
Michela Boncompagni – Accountant


 “Our job is very stimulating: every day a challenge to find new space in the world through science, law and stringent rules… with drive, guts and always a smile!”
Elena Carboni – Manager  of Product Registration Office


Ours is  a “treasure” of a job!
Francesca Guerrieri, Antonella Fiordelli – Treasurer’s Office