“My aim, my everyday challenge over the last 10 years, has been how to achieve the perfect union between tradition and innovation so as to concentrate and encapsulate in the products we develop the very best that nature alone, in its essence, can offer us”

Sabrina Celestini – Product Development

“Mine is not a job but a passion, a mission to make sure that everything goes right. The great thing is to see my colleagues satisfied with my work.”

Mario Tofanelli – Production


“Everything comes from here: this is the throbbing heart of production”

Lorenzo Cerbella – Extracts Department


“My job is exciting and dynamic, and calls on me to pay constant attention to high-tech analytic methods, complex mathematical models and cutting-edge technologies, to boost knowledge of the plants we use as the raw materials for our products.”

Luisa Mattoli – Phytochemical research laboratory manager


“I find my job thrilling, since it allows me to observe how complex nature is through ESI-MS-based metabolomics. My analysis means that every plant, extract and finished product has its own metabolomic ID!”

Michela Burico – Technician in the phytochemical research laboratory


“Every day I feel that my work is a harmonious bridge between tradition and modern technology, concentrating compounds from biologically active plants to obtain standardised and efficacious natural products.”

Anna Gaetano – Technician in the phytochemical research laboratory