Our Values

The Aboca story is a great story of innovation

Over the years, scientific research has been the hallmark of the most important steps, the moments that have marked our development.

In all corporate domains, the key word is innovation: from the choice of organic and 100% natural and the exclusive extraction processes and processing performed according to pharmaceutical standards, to the creation of selective distribution networks, capable of successfully incorporating the concept of what is natural into the health sector.

Complete innovation today characterizes our developmental path: concept and product innovation means revisiting the pathophysiological mechanisms and, at the same time, looking for natural substances that offer the best solution to the issue at hand, reviewed in the light of new scientific findings.

Our choices are guided by values that have become established over time: First and foremost, consistency in the pursuit of finding solutions for health and wellbeing exclusively in nature, accompanied by the humility that is reflected in the constant investment to demonstrate the scientific validity of our ideas and training of thousands of healthcare professionals.

All this demands a great commitment and quality of work, which requires focus on the people in order to be able to create something new that will leave a mark not only today but well into the future as well.

Humility, not remaining in a niche but rather accepting the challenge of competit.

Consistency, searching for solutions for health exclusively in nature and keeping our promises.

Work, responsibility and commitment to the highest quality.