A life project

A life project

In the Spring of 1978, the intuition of Valentino Mercati gave birth to Aboca: not just a company, but a life project, a thought, a clear vision of the world and of health, under the sign of the truly natural.
Innovatori per tradizione

Valentino Mercati, after purchasing a farm in the Tuscan hills at a place called Aboca, fell in love with the world of Organic Agriculture and medicinal herbs and took that piece of land as a possible starting point for exploring new frontiers in man's relation to nature.

Human health balanced with that of the environment – this is the ideal which guided Valentino and led him, together with his wife Rosetta, to discover a new and almost always unexplored universe.

Valentino studied in depth the ancient traditions tying man to medicinal herbs, discovering an unimaginable world, where everything had already been said and used. He realized he had to make this enormous heritage available to all, blending the results of a history of thousands of years with the potentials offered by new scientific and technological discoveries.

Aboca thus began its adventure in the field of natural health in a revolutionary manner: a totally verticalized chain of production, from production of quality raw material through organic farming all the way to testing the pharmacological and clinical effects of the products.

Naturalness, innovation, positivity, the quest for quality: this is the air everyone, from the management to the employees, breathes in Aboca. In the everyday work, one can feel the sharing of values which are reflected in every choice taken by the company, which is always careful to work  according to principles of health, with full respect for people and the environment.